energon series

PART 2 of the ENERGON SERIES is curently in the making!

Release date: Summer 2021

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"Great adventure!"

"The theme of this book is excellent, and it actually made a lot of sense. It has some connections to real-life understandings. The characters are well described and the whole story offers an excellent adventure that can easily find its place on big screens!

A Generation of Inspiration

"This book reflects the imaginary world I lived in during my childhood."

"A weird story to come out of a child his mind, but this is what made me who I am today."

Full Cover Design

From the moment he arrives at the Championships far away from home, Dan knows he has to fight. Together with his best friend Ariana, they participate in the tournament to become champion of the year.


While they take part in the tournament willingly, Dan his only reason to be there is to look after Ariana, which is going up against one of the strongest teams in the history of the championship. Team Invictus.


As Dan wants to protect Ariana, he puts himself only at risk by joining the tournament. As the finals are coming up Dan learns about Invictus their true intentions.

Dan has to be fast to protect Ariana, once the battle starts there is no way back.

Battle for Champion

Fight for Survival

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