With our leader Tony gone, chaos and war spreads across all corners of the Orakel. While the Council looks the other way, Dan tries to maintain order and stability as much as he can.


As much as Dan wants Tony to finally have his peace, he also feels like The Orakel still needs him. Planning begins on what could be a true mission impossible. The resurrection of a Genesis.


With no more support of the Interstellar fleet, limited people to trust, and no time, Dan and his friends plan out what could be their very last mission. If things go sideways, Tony will not only be gone, they also might never get back home.


Join in on the third installment of the ENERGON series

As Shadow moved out of the picture for a while, a new threat arrived. A threat no one could have seen coming. As the Orb, a symbol for all life throughout the Orakel has protected life throughout history, nothing lasts forever.


Running out of time, the Orb is depleting. Dan and the others have to find a way too prevent it from destroying the Orakel in its entirety.


A special Operation begins as what could be the most important mission of a lifetime. A race against the clock, as time seems to be one of their biggest enemies in an attempt to save the Orakel before it is too late.

The end is arriving, and no one saw it coming,

Not even me and not even Tony.

Reviews from PART I

"Great adventure!"

"The theme of this book is excellent, and it actually made a lot of sense. It has some connections to real-life understandings. The characters are well described and the whole story offers an excellent adventure that can easily find its place on big screens!

A Generation of Inspiration

"This book reflects the imaginary world I lived in during my childhood."

"A weird story to come out of a child his mind, but this is what made me who I am today."

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