Tony Genesis

Origin Story

Tony Genesis, the genesis of the modern age who watches over the Orakel. Tony was not born but created by the Orb tens of millions of years ago. He would follow the footsteps of his father(Cosmus Genesis) and his grand father(Primus Genesis) who were feared and also worshipped throughout the Orakel. Cosmus was much out of the picture as he saw Primus to be a greater leader for the Orakel.

During an intergalactic war, Cosmus even gave his own life in sacrifice, to safe Primus. Primus died two centuries later, giving up his own life to defend his fleet at the frontline of the same war that has been bringing chaos and death to the Orakel for thousands of years.

This triggered Tony his emotions, he was not only alone anymore, but also accountable and responsible for everyone from the same moment. Tony his darkside rise up inside of him and he single handed defeated the whole enemy frontline within twelve hours after Primus his sacrifice. Tony kept on going, and two weeks later the eternal was as it was named at that time was ended. After the war was ended, Tony officially claimed his title of Genesis in the form of a ceremony. Now that the war was ended and a new era would begin, Tony was never the same again, as he lost both his father and grandfather during the same war, which he witnessed with his own eyes.

Tony is neffexyion however once every generation, a new neffexyion is born from the Orb with special powers, Unique abilities which makes them close to a god. This is what is meant with the role of a Genesis. The genesis has a greater power level than other creatures, a brighter spark, a higher connection with the spiritual world than others. This spiritual connection allows him to enter the higher state of his powers called the forge. When Tony calls up his forge, his power levels even double and the legends say, that the power of all generations of the Genesis, flow within him. Because of his high power levels, his mind is frequently exposed to visions, possibly from the past, present or future, either from this timeline or from other timelines

Dark past, Part future

Tony is a very important character through the series as he is the one that was always there for Dan and mostly still is. Tony’s role as Genesis is to protect all life in the Orakel and correct where necessary. Before Tony came to Earth he was a very destructive person. As his grandfather died by an unnatural death long ago he has been very destructive ever since. He mostly traveled from galaxy to galaxy, from universe to universe to end all wars. He was therefore also called “the Devils nightmare” As most were afraid of him. Once he came to Earth he wanted to get more structure to his life and decided to take a watchmen role. This means that you will adopt a child and raise, teach and learn him the ways of life. Once he got to know Dan, for the first time in a long time he felt peace. Dan calmed Tony down as he not only was learning Dan how to life but Dan also learned Tony how to love again, something that Tony lost long ago.

Tony his biggest struggle in the series is to protect Dan even when he does not need it anymore. As Tony has seen Dan grow and change over his entire life, Tony feels an enormous responsibility toward Dan as he is like a son to him. When Dan gets older they learn about Dan his signature disorder which scares Tony as he feels like this is what always has been calling up on him, that this is possibly the reason why he came to Earth to not protect the kid from the world but to protect the world from the kid. As Tony has tried thousands of different things to cure him he can’t solve the riddle, making him feel for one of the first times vulnerable.

When Dan gets older he learns about Tony his dark past and how destructive he was. As they are getting some relationship problems Tony feels like they are both going sideways and are both falling back toward their dark sides. Tony must do everything he can to protect Dan before he has to protect himself against him as the outcome can possibly end in a war between the two friends which not only is dangerous to the two of them but to all life in the Universe as the two contain massive amounts of power.