Dan Walker

Origin story

Dan Walker was found in the hospital in Detroit, Michigan. They found him between other children in the section, only without name or registration. As his birth is a complete mystery, doctors claim he was brought in and left here. Even when it is a speculation, it is the only thing they know about his origin, as no one ever reported himself missing a child or claimed him as their child. Tony Genesis came in to play. Tony found Dan in the hospital and adopted him. Tony became Dan his watchmen and give him his name. Dan was named after Tony his mother, Daniela.

During Dan his childhood, he struggled with making friends in school and finding a connection with other kids. Due to many bullies, Dan have moved several times. When Dan was twelve years old He was bullied at the school in Kansas. The bullies upset him and caused him to get angry. Dan his spark burned hot and he became a brutal and dangerous kid. This moment only lasted minutes, yet it followed him for years to come. It made him feel so embarrassed that they had to move once again.

As Tony saw how much pain and sadness Dan had built up throughout his childhood, Tony his only goal was to figure out what happened to Dan and how to solve it. Dan was examined and tested by many doctors. The best of the best that Tony knew. But they all came out with the same answer. Dan was diagnosed with Signature disorder. His DNA was damaged and incomplete. In order for him to survive his spark uses his energy to fill the empty parts that are left in his DNA, but this caused him to become unstable. As his physical and mental state now cross, His emotions are much more sensitive. In situations where anger and hate grow in his body, Emotions can take him over and he becomes unaware of his actions, which is what happened in Kansas. As his spark is unstable and very dangerous, Doctors give him less than a year to live. Tony could not accept it and tries to do anything possible to find a cure. He helps Dan throughout the coming months to become stronger. Months turn into years as Dan’s strength grows and Tony begins to have more hope.

At the age of seventeen, they arrived in LA. For the first time, Dan managed to get a connection with someone and became friends. Ariana became his first and best friend. As he did not felt alone anymore, Tony found it best to stay as he saw happiness grow inside Dan. A couple of years into settling in LA, Steve and Jake joined the same school as Ariana and Dan did, and so their friend group grew. Dan got to know more people and his social skills enhanced as he was introduced to many people by Ariana which already knew a lot of people around school.

Over the years to come, Dan became a skilled and trained soldier as he is trained by Tony genesis himself. When Dan became eighteen Tony believed Dan was ready for the real field and they go on their first mission together, the first of many more to come over the years that follow. Dan loved being in the field and loved to fight. On the battlefield, he feels unstoppable and untouchable. Tony was no longer Dan his watchmen, They became partners, Friends, Family.

Physical appearance

Dan is on the looks an average guy who blends in with the people. He’s white, is six foot one tall, and having short dark brown hair which is his natural hair color. His eyes are blue/brown colored and he has an oval-shaped face. He can grow a beard but he prefers not, leaving him with a shaved face.

Being a bit on the tall side, he has an inverted triangle body type. He trains a lot with Tony giving him a trained body and a six-pack. He regularly wears blue jeans, with a simple shirt. He isn’t much of the style or shopping for clothes, so he does not have a huge variety of clothing. He likes to keep it simple with blue jeans and a black or white shirt. Every now and then he throws on color and sometimes wears a blouse or jacket over his shirt. He has no necklaces or other jewelry, but he likes to wear watches. He wears them on his right arm, while for all other daily tasks he is left-handed.

He does not have a tattoo, neither does he has any burn marks or birthmarks on him. He does have some permanent scars. One on the back of his left shoulder, and one on his right waist. Mostly covered by his clothes.

His Personality

Dan is a very introvert guy who doesn’t talk much about himself. This because of two reasons. One is because he doesn’t want to talk about his past, and two because he can’t tell people everything about himself, as people are not allowed to know he is working with Tony as an interstellar super-soldier. Dan is mostly living his life alone or together with Tony, not many other people are involved in his life. Through the many years that he settled himself in LA, Ariana becomes a bigger part of his life as he trusts her, yet he feels like it is better to keep her out of his personal problems.

Dan is both a Pessimist and an optimist, based on the situation. Looking over his own life, he is pessimist as he no longer believes in Tony his plan to find a way to cure him. After many years of doing tests, he seems to have accepted his faith and tries to live with it. Looking to other situations which involve a bigger picture, he never stops to make the best out of it, even when it comes with a price, he wants to help and support everybody as much as he can. This mainly because he knows how it feels when no one is willing or can help you.

Dan is struggling with himself every day. While knowing he is dangerous to everyone around him, he risks his life to save every one of them. Going on missions is not something that was requested by Tony. Dan volunteered to be part of his missions as he wanted to be in the field. This way even when all the doctors told him how bad of a person he was and how dangerous he was, he felt like he could do some good for humanity. By putting his own life at risk he tries to protect everyone else, yet also bringing them in danger. If Dan loses control over himself again, doctors say with the increased energy levels of him because of his training and awareness, he could hurt or kill thousands if not millions, If he is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As much as he wants to take part in the Arena battles on earth, he knows he will put people at risk of being so closely around them. Dan does not know the limits of his energy, he does not stop growing. Hitting someone could hurt them or kill them, he simply doesn’t know. As much as he wants to be at Ariana her side in the games, all he can do is stand at the sideline and watch, which is the safest option.


Dan was found in the hospital in Detroit, Michigan. With no one there to claim their child, he had no mother or father, no brother, and sister. A child left alone. Tony became Dan his watchmen and adopted him. Tony raised Dan alone.

Dan got to know Ariana In LA at high school. From the first day, they felt a connection as they had certain things in common. Their connection grew and they became best friends. Two years after meeting Ariana, Two guys joined their school, Steve and Jake. They were both new and did not know each other before, and neither did we. We all became close friends and so our friend group grew over time. Ariana had two girls as good friends for a couple of years. Kelly and Jane, two nice girls.

When Dan never felt what love from family was like, he did found love in the form of a new family, as the group was so close they would sometimes refer to one another as they would to brothers or sisters, as most of them also are an only child.

Signature disorder

Ever since the first time he lost control, Tony took him to several doctors, but no one seems to have any idea what was wrong with him. Tony decided to bring him to specialized military doctors, outside of Earth. Months and many doctors later, they came with a result. They called it signature disorder. A very rare and incurable disorder.

Dan his disorder was innate. Dan his DNA was damaged from the beginning on. He would be too weak to survive. His spark became connected to his DNA to fill up the empty spots in the strings. By this natural development, his spark became unstable and too attached to his body. His energy would react to his physical and emotional state, and as Dan had a rough childhood, this is what caused his first anger burst to appear at the age of twelve. When his anger grows too much, his spark grabs on to those emotions and start feasting on them. His anger takes him over and he becomes a different personality, where only his anger is all that is left inside of him.