Ariana Anderson

Origin story

Ariana Anderson, an ordinary girl who was born and raised in Los Angeles California. She was raised by her biological parents. During her childhood, Her father lost her job when she was seven years old. Her mother was having a top function so they didn’t have any money issues, but her father started drinking. When she was ten years old she got used to having a father that was rarely sober. Her father left the family for two years but returned when she was twelve. He recovered and became healthy during that period. From the day he returned he did all he could to be the best dad he could be. He regained the trust of Ariana her mother which was his ex-wife at that time. Ariana struggled with it a little longer but eventually trusted him again as she saw he truly changed, Yet there never went by a day during those years that he was gone, that Ariana did not think about him. Because of that Ariana lost two years of happiness to her father's problems, which she will never get back.

The moment her father came back in her life, So did Dan make his entry into her circle of friends. They got to know each other in class as Dan was a new kid who recently moved to LA. Ariana found a connection with Dan and they became friends. She never really talked with Dan about her family, nor did Dan came over to her house. When they would meet up outside the school, they would always go into town as she felt a bit embarrassed about her father. After the years past between them, from friends, they became best friends for life and so she slowly started opening up to Dan about her issues. She found support with Dan and was happy she had someone other than her sisters or her mother, to talk about the struggles she had.

At the age of eighteen, Ariana moved out of her parents for her study. She still goes to school in LA but on the other side of the city, which is why she got her own place closer to school. Dan moved during that same time as well, for the same reason and they closely lived to one another. As the school was just a few blocks away from where they lived, Dan would always walk by her house on the way to school, so they would continue the walk together in the early morning, and at the end of the day. For the months and years that followed, they never walked to school, without one another.

When she finished school, she went to college where she got to know Kelly and Jane. They were girls just like her with similar hobbies and similar taste, and so team girl power slowly came to life. The three loved sports and were very competitive against one another during school. Ariana suggested the idea of forming a team and join the sports competition. They agreed and a strong team was created.

    Physical appearance

    Ariana is on the outside exactly what you expect from a girl, Looking good and care, uses makeup, and wears clothes based on what is popular. She likes to wear tight jeans, usually blue or black wearing a shirt with a jacket on top. On the hot summer days, she mostly wears a dress, just as special occasions or formalities. She isn’t a big fan of high heels, usually, you will see her walking around with simple sneakers. She likes the simple look and are easy to walk. Jewelry is a must for her, she won’t go out of the house without earrings. On an occasional day, she wears either bracelets or a necklace, for special occasions, she takes it all.

    She has a slim but healthy looking body, She Has a small and round-shaped face and has long dark blond hair, mostly wearing in a tail. Her natural hear color is brunette brown, she paint her hair once upon a time. Walking around with her natural hair color isn’t a big of an issue for her, she’s just more of a fan of the dark blond color.

    She was born by a C-section which has left a small scar on her back. No other scars do she has, nor does she has any Tattoos. She has never had any surgery done to her body and is not planning on doing that either.

    Her personality

    Ariana has had a complex past behind her, which influenced her personality to the person she is right now. She’s open to everyone and likes to make a conversation, even with people she barely knows, as long as it feels right, she likes to connect. In school, she was always the happy kid of the class. Never showing her problems to her classmates and friends, she always pretended everything was fine, which is why people loved her. This however made people like her personality rather than her true self.

    Years past by and so she met Dan, After a while of being friends, he was the first person to truly open up about what happened with her dad and how that influenced her. Dan stood by as he supported her and helped her to let go of the past and look at a brighter future. Opening up about her emotions isn’t something she likes to do, even with her family, holding all her secrets for herself.

    Letting go of the past changed Ariana for the better, and so her real personality was shown to the world. As the new Ariana she met Jane and Kelly which have similar hobbies as she has. She likes to exercise and be active. Spending a vacation in a resort is nothing for her, she would rather go out on an adventure to explore the worlds which have yet to be discovered. She’s not afraid of the dark, nor do armed men keep her cold as she can handle herself, but spiders are her biggest nightmare, making her a girly girl.

    Working on schedule and on time is something that is burned in her soul. Having an agenda on the go she’s about making planning and work by the clock. She always arrives on time, mostly a couple of minutes early at the place she needs to be, whether it’s a business appointment, a class in school or just hanging out with her friends, she hates being late.

    Living on her own now, she decorated her home by herself. She has a good taste but sometimes can be looking for an eternity to find just the one thing she wanted. Living on her own is not always nice, which is why she owns two dogs. One named Max and the other named Elvis, named after Elvis Presley, She’s a big fan. They are both beagles.


    Ariana was raised by her biological parents, Her mother was a nurse in the hospital at that time. As Ariana grows older, her mother took a higher function at her work and became head of a department. The bound with her mother has always been good, Ariana had a lot of her characteristics similar to her mother's. The bound with her father was a little fragile and even broke during her childhood. In Ariana her younger years her father was a real family man. Her father was a mechanic and worked on offshore parks. The company he was working for became bankrupt and he lost his job. From that point forward it only got worse as he started drinking and for a certain time left the family, living on the streets doing nothing but drinking alcohol. Her father returned two years later fully recovered and healthy. He took a new job at a factory for public transport. Ariana lost trust in her father for quite a while and refused to talk to him for the first couple months after his return, but eventually, she saw that he changed for the better of the family and so he regained her trust, but the mental damage that was done to her as she lost her father for a while will never leave her.

    Ariana has two younger sisters named Catelyn and Ilsa Anderson. Catelyn is one year younger and Ilsa is three years younger than Ariana. They didn’t go to the same college as Ariana did. They went to an international school outside the country. Catelyn went to Sweden and Ilsa to the United Kingdom. The relation between the three sisters was always strong and lovely. While the sisters are separated, the contact remains as the online web provides countless options for the three to reconnect. They video-chat every week together.

    Making friends was never hard for Ariana, she’s very socially developed and can become friends with almost anyone. Keeping the right ones was a different task for her as everyone liked her, there weren’t much who really stayed with her once people moved from place to place and from one school to the next. She met Dan at school as he halfway through the year joined her class. Socially she interacted with him and a connection was made. Outside of the normal school hours, they started meeting up in their private time as well. Over the months that they got to know each other she started trusting Dan more as time passed by. From all the people she met, Dan was different for her, and they were best friends for life.

    The school was finished and they moved on to College together. They went to college on the other side of the City but they remained together. In her first year, she met Kelly and Jane, Two girls completely different from her, yet they were able to have some fun time together and became friends. The three were very competitive about College projects and subjects, this lay the foundation of the great team they would become. Team Girl power.

    Arena Championships

    The Arena Championships existed long before Ariana was even born. It is an interstellar Competition where multiple planets have their own competition to bring out the best of their species. Once after that, they will be crowned Champion and will head forward to the interstellar competition where all champions will compete with one another.

    As Long as Ariana can remember, she always has loved watching the competition. People who became champions were celebrities. She always wanted to be part of it, yet never got people so far to join her side. This changed when she met Kelly and Jane in college. The three were very competitive with one another and so the idea of becoming a team was created in Ariana’s mind. The two agreed and joined the competition.

    Over a year the team trained and fought many battles to become stronger and smarter in fighting as a team. For Ariana is was a dream to become Champion, a dream that felt close, yet too far away to truly believe in. Kelly and Jane were very competitive and in their free time use to work on coming up with new strategies. Ariana was happy to see how focused they were, but she took it a step too far for herself. The months of training that passed, brought them closer to the start of the new year Championships competition and so stress was a visible effect on her. Getting long days on training and short nights of sleeping, people worried about whether it was good for her to keep going. But if Ariana got a dream, no one can take that away from her.