About Boy Willeboordse

Writing was never something I believed possible as a skill to master for myself. Throughout my younger years, I struggled with myself a lot which let me end in a depression. After many times, trying to run away from my thoughts, I could no longer outrun myself.


Once on a day I searched the web and came across this motivational speech. It give me strength and made me believe I wasn’t a complete failure. I kept growing my confidence from there. I struggled to keep myself happy through my childhood, so I always returned to my own imaginary world. That point, the idea came up to me. Why not share my imaginations with everyone, in the hope I could make many more than myself happy.


I started writing at the age of 16. I had years of imagination and stories build up in my mind. It became so much that my mind was overruled with it, and so I had a hard time writing it down as I didn’t know where to start. It took me years to put it on paper and manage to let go of some of the parts.
At the age of 21, I ended up in a very bad mental situation and caused me to be set back. Months passed and slowly I tried to regain my spark for writing. At the beginning of 2020, I wanted to do it differently. The only way I will succeed is if I do what I want. If I do what I love, and so I set out my goal, to convert my story into a book, within one year. This obviously wasn’t possible to compress over a decade of imaginations into a single book in one year time. So I split the idea into parts, with the first part to be released this year on December first. That was the moment I would work toward.


Having a timeline made me push myself harder and work as efficiently as possible in order to make my goal. The story has yet to be released, but I can already say without hesitation, I am proud of myself.


I am proud to have become a writer.