The story behind the story

A generation of inspiration

"This book reflects the imaginations that I had during my childhood. Even when it sounds like a very destructive and weird story to come out of a child his mind, this is what made me who I am today.

All of Energon his stories, backstories, secrets, and even the languages are created and shaped by myself. During my childhood, I was a big fan of Science fiction movies. Watching movies gave me the motivation to continue my story in the hope it will be visible on the big screen someday. Out of the hundreds of movies I have seen over my lifetime, each and everyone that spoke to me has some involvement in the story. certain situations, decisions, or even people's actions in the story were partially inspired by them. Because of my love for science fiction and fantasy, other people's creations and stories have helped to shape and set out a path for the Energon story, which would without them might have been completely different.

Over the years creating the story, more than two-hundred movies have had a significant impact on the way that decisions were made and how they came out. Therefore is Energon not only my view on what a story can be, but is it a collective idea of what a generation of storytelling can become by taking parts of all of them and combining them into one series."